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The best


Application très sympas

Muito bem desenvolvido. Very well developed.

Muito bem desenvolvido o aplicativo. Recomendado. Very well developed application. Recommended.

Super =]

Einfach toll. :)

macht total spass :)

und ist definitiv hilfreich !


So much fun!

This is one of my fav apps ever! So much fun and its actually the full app, not like some of them that only give you a sample and make you pay for the rest. I would recommend it to everyone! I love how you can make your own can really have some fun with it!! :)

Neat little toy!


Fun and simple! Easy on the eyes and does what its meant for.

Lots of fun

Great for anything you can think of. Makes choices fun

Simply and Useful!

If your not sure about something, spin the wheel and you might like something new!

What a stupid app

Cant believe this usually costs money lol


its very helpful


I mean, all this is is a random number generator, but I guess its a clever consent... Just kind of annoying how something like this which anyone could make gets so many good reviews...

Solves all my at home decision making.

Love it. The wheel is the decision maker for those times were bored or indecisive. Could use ROYGBIV shades like the black option. Also, if you could forward wheels to other users it would make sharing faster.


My young son loves this (a little too much!)

Love it!

I cant believe how many i can put on the wheel! Great for AA Meetings!

Awesome app

Really fun and entertaining.

Great app!

Love this app. Takes the guess work out of everything I do!

Great wheel

Lots of, what do you want supper??? While pulling out my hair, found this wheel app. I set it up supper meals. Night before spin the wheel and thats the next meal. The wheel has taken a lot of stress, and anxiety off me and has saved us a lot of money because we dont go out for supper as much.

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