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Classroom tool

This app is a perfect classroom tool. I use it all the time in study games. I put it up on the screen with the Apple TV and the kids love it!

Love this app!!!!

Now it is easy to decide where to eat or what to eat on those days you just cant make up your mind!

Superb App

A needful app for easy decision, life is about chance!

Varying rate of wheel

Havent even used it yet in the classroom and am really excited to, but Im really nervous already about how long it takes to make a selection and how much of my class time that will eat up. It would be great to be able make it make a selection quicker!


This is a great app that I use in my classroom to randomly pick students for various activities. I have one request: could there be an option so that when one name is picked, it will not be able to be selected again until all the others have been?

Love this app!

This app has so many uses! I can use it in my classroom as well as at home. Im excited to think of more uses!!!

Fun App

This app works well! I wish it was a tad more customizable. Id like to change how many options are showing at once. It would also be helpful for a setting to take an option out of the running once it has been selected without permanently deleting that option.


As with some other reviewers, I am using this in my classroom. I would like options for no re-picks as well as shorter time spinning. This is an awesome way for choosing students and I love it, but those 2 things would possibly prevent me from using it in the future.


Very fun but simple app. So many possibilities for use. Ive already used it more than I thought I would; mostly for simple childrens games.

The best!

Nicely done!

Request: two lines per item

It would be nice if longer strings of text were split over two lines. The entries get to be very tiny.

iPhone 6+

Still is not random. Very nice app otherwise. Test it for yourself: create a test wheel with wedges 0-9. Give it a spin and see where it lands, say on 6. Then tap the center button 3 times and viola, it will almost always land on 6. When it does land on another number its slightly on either side of 6- on 5 or 7. The same goes for spinning with a finger. If you use consistent timing and force with your spin it will land in the same area with only slight variation, not randomness.

Love it

It would be so nice if it were possible to swipe between wheels

Great app to help with decisions!

Thoroughly impressed with this app!

Sheldon Coopers style

Need iOS 7 design This app help me make a choice.

Amazing for teachers!

As a teacher this has come in handy when calling on students at random. Its easy to delete or add names and doesnt waste material like Popsicle sticks do. I highly recommend it!

Decide now

I dont understand the logic behind this game. It is boring and I am quite capable of making my own decisions. Sorry that I paid for this app

Love it!

This app is very useful, especially for my classroom.

This is the best

I go to a reading camp and my teacher uses this app I got it and it is the bests

Its great

Please add video recorder to allow us share the results via social apps.

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