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The most useful app I have

This app is great. I have a ton of makeup and I got frustrated trying to decide what to use so I let this app pick for me. The only changes I would suggest would be some kind of option to temporarily remove an item from the list so I dont keep getting the same result once Ive used something and adding more color options or even an option to select your own colors or a particular color palette. Otherwise this easy to use app has made my life a lot easier and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a tough time choosing among a lot of options.

Good decider

This is really well done. You can sit up as many sets and as many labels as you want

LOVE this app!!!

Been looking for a simple effective spinner for awhile now and so grateful to finally have found one thats reasonably priced! :))

Great App for the classroom!

I use this app to call on random students in the special Ed class to participate. I only wish it had an option for a faster spin. The 30 second rotation eats time.


I use it in the classroom all the time. See who is going first. Put vocab in it. Or decide something fun!

Best APP EVER!!!

This app amazing! Every day my family can never decide what and where to eat, what to do and etc. This app helps put the "what do you want to do?" and "where do you want to go?" dilemma to rest once and for all. Now my family will think twice before asking any of those questions. Lol

Making work fun

I wish this app would sync between phone and iPad. Other than that, I love it. When I dont want to do ANYTHING, I let this thing decide for me.

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